Gibson's Jewel of the Atlantic concise, beautifully illustrated

Jewel of The Atlantic, The Story 0f Mainland Nova Scotia

Text by M. Allen Gibson

Photos by Warren Gordon

By Sara Holland  - Halifax Herald

Jewel of the Atlantic, The Story of Mainland Nova Scotia is the latest gem in a series of travel books on the Atlantic Provinces.

The slim hardcover includes concise, interesting text by M. Allen Gibson honorary director of The Halifax flerald Limited. The text is complemented by hill-color photographs by Warren Gordon who has captured the mainland’s sparkling spirit.

This, the second volume in a the series follows A Place Apart: The Cape Breton Story, written by James Lamb and also photographed by Warren Gordon.


Jewel of the Atlantic is divided into 24 sections each dealing with specific aspects of mainland Nova Scotia. Material ranges from descriptions of regions and their people to the history of the mainland and its Thdustry.

Each section includes a page of text accompanied by a photograph that in many cases draws the reader into the landscape.

Gibson’s text beckons visitors hto the twists 21V! turns of coux,try lanes and outlines the history of settlement here in a comprehensive and informative manner.<

However the book isn't meant just for tourists. Jewel of the Atlantic also often a variety of information about mainland Nova Scotia of which some lifelong residents may not be aware. Included is everything from translations of selected town names to other items of historical trivia.

Gibson captures the tradition of this distinct land and often a tour of words to such natural wonders as the rocky bluffs of Pecgy’s Cove and the majestic patchwork of Cape Blomidon.
Gordon’s photographs, many of which are aerial, are colourful and inviting. Particulary good is the shot of Chapel Island. Church of St. Charles and Grand Pre draped in a blanket of snow.

The photo of the church at Clifton is captivating and the clouds almost seem to shift in the wind. The image of Acadia University creates an eerie feeling of post dawn with its background of piercing blue sky. Readers can almost see the flag flapping in the wind.

Jewel of the Atlantic is a fine addition to the series on Atlantic Canada as well to any travellers library. There is also much ki it for native Nova Scotians who can learn something new while enjoying familiar stories and information.

Reprinted courtesy of the Halifax Herald - Copyright © 1990. All rights Reserved.