Photography fraternity honours husband, wife duo

By T.J. Colello -  Cape Breton Post

Sydney - You can call them photography’s dynamic duo. Warren and Katheryn Gordon of Sydney were recognized by their peers in early May at the 2003 National Print Competition of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) in Whistler, B.C.

Warren received the bar of his masters degree in photography at the competition. The bar is a type of icing on the cake for Warren - the honour is bestowed on few photographers in the country.

Katheryn, on the other hand, had four images selected for the National Print Salon, which is judged by a panel of master photographers from across Canada. One of those prints will be touring across the country in the National Loan Collection, along with 39 of the other top photos in the country.

"It happened to me last year. They chose one of my pictures to go into the National Art Collection,” she said. “To have that happen to me again the second year for a different image, I was overjoyed.”

She was also a finalist for the Maritime Professional Photographer of the Year award in March. Katheryn received a number of merit words for some of her images submitted at the two events.

All of these accomplishments despite the fact that Katheryn began doing portraits a mere two years ago.

You find the beauty in every individual,” said Katheryn.

“Some people walk in and feel really uncomfortable, and it’s really nice to make them feel the opposite.

“I love it when they’re happy”

Warren said he saw the shutter bug th his wife, and it was only a matter of time before she blossomed into an ace photographer “With Katheryn, she’s extremely artistic, said Warren.

“She’s a classical pianist and a painter, and I felt she had more than enough artistic ability, but wasn’t interested in the technical side of photography.

“But now that we’ve switched over our business to digital, it’s made it more accessible.”

The two operate out of Gordon Photographic Ltd. in Sydney. Warren leans more towards landscapes, while Katheryn has a keen eye for portraitures.

Katheryn holds sittings with her clients at Gordon Photographic Ltd. which last between one or two hours. She takes the best pictures from the sitting and creates a slide show set to music. The client then chooses what pictures they want from that set.

“The image they want to see - I have to be really happy with it before they see it,” she said.

“I’ll stay up until 2 a.m. until I feel it’s right. You feel like you have a personal bond.”

Although she admits she has a lot to learn, Katheryn has a few goals she wants to accomplish in the profession.

“Keep getting better artistically and pleasing a client,” she said.

“As long as a client is happy when they leave after seeing their pictures, to me that’s being very successful.”

The national competition features entries from across Canada in many different classes, including portraiture, wedding, commercial, digital, and specialist categories.

Members are also able to enter salons in their respective regions of the country annually, increasing their opportunities to earn recognition for their skills as a PPOC member.

Reprinted courtesy of the Cape Breton Post - Copyright © 2003. All rights Reserved.