Share the Passion a powerful and emotional event

By Dan MacDonald - The Cape Breton Post

sharepashionposter200I must say that Katheryn Gordon’s Share the Passion show Saturday night at CBU’s Boardmore Playhouse had to be one of the most powerful and emotional musical events I’ve attended in a long time. The audience had to run the gamut from laughter to tears throughout the two-hour presentation that coupled Katheryn’s photos with music covering the range from Mozart to Mancini, Pachrlbel’s Canon to the Forest Gump Suite.

The musicians, (Kim Lantz, Richard MacAulay, Shawn MacDonald, Stewart MacDonald and Katheryn Gordon herself), are all considered some of the best around and together they gave a very polished and well-rehearsed presentation designed and co-ordinated to give maximum impact to the photographic work being displayed behind them.


The photos were broken into theme sections, backed by suitable music. Pictures of small children and babes-in-arms were displayed to the strains of What Child is This and Brahms Lullaby. Celtic music backed slides of Cape Breton landscapes, the works of Katheryn’s husband Warren (the only part of the show that didn’t feature Katheryn’s own work).

If a picture paints a thousand words then Katheryn’s work spoke volumes. Share the Passion was, to say the least, dramatic. And no section demonstrated this more then The Way of the Cross, her feature on the Easter pageant. When the music stopped and the last slide had faded from the screen there was complete silence in the playhouse, followed by a surge of applause.

This show was a follow-up to Katheryn’s presentation at the Canadian Professional Photographer’s Conference this past May and was intended to be a one-of‚ event. After viewing the show I can only hope all involved will decide once in Cape Breton is not enough and this deserves to be presented again. If this happens, make sure you go because magic like this doesn’t happen very often.

Reprinted courtesy of the Cape Breton Post - Copyright © 2006. All rights Reserved.