Photographer Snags Top Prize

Gordon credits her husband for advice, guidance and encouragement

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Sydney - In three short years Katheryn Gordon has gone from amateur shutterbug to taking home the top prize at the Maritime Professional Photographers Association’s annual awards. “I received the photographer of the year award to my shock and surprise” said Katheryn. “There were so many prestigious photographers and so many who I admire (that were nominated) and to be among them was just amazing.”

Katheryn submitted four portrait photographs for the awards and all four were accepted into the competition. A total of eight finalists were selected for the association’s top honour and each photographer was then judged on the impact of their collection of work.

Katheryn, whose husband Warren’s a renowned photographer on the island, said she never imagined she'd win the big prize, which was presented during a ceremony March 21 in Moncton, NB.. In fact, when they were about to announce the winner she recalls moving her chair to make room so whoever won would be able to get through to the stage.

“When they called my name I looked at Warren in disbelief and he was grinning from ear to ear. It was great to see his face. He was so proud that night,’ she said. Katheryn said the first thing she did in her acceptance speech was thank her husband, who encouraged her to take up photography in the first place and then taught her the basics when she started out in 2001.

In learning the art of photography, she said Warren was always supportive and encouraged her to be creative and find her own style. “I must say Warren was a huge influence in me getting this award,” she said.

Gordon, who most enjoys doing portrait photography, said she’s thrilled to have received recognition from an association which represents her colleagues from around the Maritimes.

“It certainly was a pat on the back. I’ve worked really hard this year,” she said. “It’s a very exciting time.’

In addition to her recognition at the regional level, Gordon’s photographs will now be entered in the national Professional Photographers of Canada’s awards competition. Gordon said she plans to attend the national event which is being held in Quebec at the end of April.

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