Award winning photographer releases 10th book

By Laura Jean Grant - Cape Breton Post

Sydney - Warren Gordon says the best photographs often come from simply being in the right place at the right time.

Gordon, a well-known Cape Breton photographer who recently released his 10th book of scenic Cape Breton photos, says it takes a lot of time, patience and travel around the island to compile the right mix of pictures for a book.

“I collect the best images over a period of time and when I have enough of a variety of locations and seasons, then I start thinking about putting together a book,” he says. Gordon’s latest book, entitled simply Cape Breton Island, was released this fall and contains scenic pictures from many communities and locations.

“People are always asking when the next book is coming out,” he says. “This is the first book that covers the whole island that I’ve done in about 10 years.”


The book contains about 100 images of communities around the island, from Port Hawkesbury to Fourchu to Boularderie to East Margaree, and Gordon says it’s important to include as many regions of the island as possible. As for his strategy in compiling a variety of photographs which will paint a true picture of the scenery, culture and topography of Cape Breton, Gordon says he simply tries to get out on a regular basis.

“If you don’t get out in the truck or car, you won’t get anything,” he explains. “You can drive a lot of miles.”

He notes that getting out at all hours of the day, in all types of weather, is important in capturing those special pictures. “The types of photographs I’m looking for aren’t the sunny days/postcard type,” he says.

“You have to go on days you normally wouldn’t think would be good to take photographs.”

Gordon has crossed the island many times as a photographer in the last 30 years and is always looking for quality images.

“The local people really appreciate the book and Cape Bretoners who are away look forward to the book,” he says, adding, “It gives you a nice feeling that you’re able to give a piece of home to people who live away.”

Gordon’s photography company - Gordon Photographic Ltd. - went 100 per cent digita’ about two and a half years ago and digital images represent about 40 percent of his most recent book.

Gordon explains that he made the transition to digital because the quality had improved so much that it equaled the results he was getting on film.

“It got to the point where there was no point to shoot film.”

In addition to the various books he’s published, Gordon also compiles a yearly calendar of photographs, which now contains all-digital pictures.

Reprinted courtesy of the Cape Breton Post - Copyright © 2003. All rights Reserved.