Sydney photographer wins regional awards

‘It just seemed like this is what I’m supposed to do.’

By JOCELYNE BETHUNE - The Chronicle Herald

SYDNEY — Her images have been compared to the works of master portrait painters.

At the recent Maritime Professional Photography Association conference in Moncton, NB., the accolades continued as Katheryn Gordon took home a heap of awards, including photographer of the year, for the second year in a row.

Yet it was only four years ago that she first picked up the camera, at the urging of her husband.

I went with Warren to a photography seminar, and was really touched by the images that I saw there,’ said Ms. Gordon, wife of Warren Gordon, a Sydney photographer well known for his books and calendars of Cape Breton scenes.

On the way home, he placed a digital camera in her hands and told her he would teach her about composition. He was impressed with her initial shots, and she continued to experiment and develop her style.

‘It just felt right.’ said the former critical care nurse and piano teacher, who grew up in Sydney. ‘My work got better, and it just seemed like this Is what I’m supposed to do’
The technical side is something she is still learning; instead, she relies on something less scientific.

When a painter paints, he can’t always say why he uses a certain colour; it’s more an innate sense,” she said. I feel like that. It’s more that I probably have a good eye-”

Once the image is captured, she enhances it with a computer program, giving some portraits a look that is more like a painting.

In fact, her portrait called Woman of Mystery, a single posed close-up of a young woman, was described by the judges at the recent conference as having a Mona Lisa look.

It won three awards for best portrait at the conference.

Ms. Gordon also took home the best child portrait award for her image of two preschool girls exploring a flower garden and the best fine art image for a photograph of a ballerina.

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