Photographer Recognized For Work

Gordon named photographer of the year for second year in a row, picks up seven awards

By Laura Jean Grant - Cape Breton Post

SYDNEY - It was a picture-perfect event for Katheryn Gordon at the annual gathering of the Maritime Professional Photographers Association in Moncton.

The Sydney River photographer was named the MPPA Photographer of the Year for the second year in a row and was the recipient of seven other awards including best portrait, best child portrait and best fine art. She was also recognized with three out of five judge’s choice ribbons. Each judge only has one ribbon to give out.

Gordon said she was thrilled with the recognition and compliments she received during the weekend.

"To get the Maritime Photographer of the Year again was amazing. I did not expect that at all. I walked in there without any expectations, really, I knew I loved the images that I put into competition but I didn’t know if they would be understood," she said.

Gordon submitted four prints to the competition and having them understood by the judges certainly didn’t turn out to be a problem.

“I must say the judges were really in tune with my work and I loved the comments and the way they seemed to be interpreting my images. It was really great,” she said.

Among the judges who were impressed with Gordon’s entries was John Beesley who described her photography as “very deep and quiet” with subtle soft expressions that are very Interesting.

Beesley, an award-winning photographer himself, said everything really seemed to come together for Gordon at the competition. ‘She had a beautiful set of prints, a magnificent entry” he said. “She pretty much stole the show. There really wasn’t anybody in her class at this competition”

Having captured so many awards at the MPPA awards ceremony, all four of Gordon’s images will automatically be’ submitted to the national photography competition.

Gordon is married to renowned Cape Breton photographer Warren Gordon, who first encouraged her to take up photography only a few short years ago.

"Photography is a wonderful thing to do - it’s very satisfying for two reasons - you’re making people very happy by giving them this beautiful memory of either themselves or their family and secondly it’s an expression of one’s self," she said.

Reprinted courtesy of the Cape Breton Post - Copyright © 2005. All rights Reserved.